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Parades Theology in the Trenches by Kathleen Kjolhaug
Parades…when I watch them…I cry. While standing on main as the parade passes by, tears fall. They have for many a year now.
It’s just a day after the 4th of July.  A friend sent a video of their neighborhood out east which had gathered for such a time as this. If I recollect correct like, the lineup totaled one fire truck, three pick-ups, one corvette, a tractor, a jeep, two convertibles, seven bunched up motorcycles, one hitched wagon loaded with kids, and a bicycle built for one. Did I mention one golf cart and a four-wheeler wheeling through? An American flag or two waved alongside each as if greeting those viewing from the sidelines. How many were on the sidelines? Precisely six people were perched curbside. I cried as I watched it moments ago. As I write, tears are streaming and my nose is trying desperately to keep pace.

Growing up I recall walking on down to main for the parade. It was a whole two blocks from our house but to a l…

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