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Is the Wood Dry?

Is the Wood Dry? Theology in the Trenches by Kathleen Kjolhaug
Do you hear it? Hoofbeats draw nigh kicking up dust upon arrival. Questions rise along with the dust.
Was it enough? Is it enough? Is it enough to simply wash our hands like Pilate washed his of the naysayers? Does that make us slayers? Do we participate in the slaying of the persecuted when we merely wash our hands of it and walk away by proclaiming our innocence?
“I am innocent of this man’s blood” (Matt. 27:24).
This was Pilate’s proclamation to not be a part of it, but was it enough? Was it enough to walk away from those chanting they wanted Jesus condemned? He could have done more but vindicated himself by washing his hands and walking away. Was that enough to cleanse himself of all unrighteousness? Obviously, he could see right through the motives of those railing their way into getting their own way.
Was it enough?
Mark 15:15 reinforces the scene unfolding. “So Pilate, anxious to placate the crowd handed Him over to be cru…

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